No Private Health Insurance

There are 3 options to consider:

1. Self Funding - If you have not previously contributed to a Private Health Insurance fund you might consider this option. it means you can have your operation straight away when you choose or when you need it and help get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

The costs may not be as high as you may think, especially for some less invasive surgeries like Arthroscopy and ACL Reconstruction which can be done as Day-Only cases, and my office will be happy to provide you with costings. You will usually get a portion of the medical fees back through Medicare (although not all), and we will assist you to get an accurate written estimate of the Private Hospital charges before you go ahead.

2. Join a Private Health Fund - There are usually wait periods with health funds. However, in some circumstances, you may still have your surgery performed sooner than joining a public hospital waiting list. There are also other benefits such as choosing your hospital and choosing your date of surgery.

3. Public Hospital Wait List - If you require surgery you are placed on the public hospital waitlist. This list is government controlled and can be up to 12 months long. Dr Jarman can’t control when your surgery will happen. A phonecall will be made from the hospital with your date of admission. Unfortunately at times surgery could be cancelled due to unforeseen emergencies.

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