Robotic - Assisted Total Knee Replacement

What is a Robotic Knee Replacement?

Robotic assisted knee replacement surgery is new technology that provides each patient with a personalised surgical plan based on their own specific anatomy. It offers surgical replacement of the diseased compartment/s of the knee sparing healthy bone and tissues surrounding it.

How is it different to traditional Total Knee Replacement?

We plan the surgery specific to each patient. The patient has a CT scan of the affected joint before the surgery. A 3D model is made of that osteoarthritic knee. The virtual model of the knee is loaded into the robotic computer system. This creates a personalised pre-op plan for the patient. Surgery is performed through a minimally invasive approach and the anatomy mapped with computer navigation. Data is gathered and entered into the computer. With this data and the already loaded pre-op patient modelling, surgery can be performed with precise resection. Placement of implants is performed specific to that patient's anatomy.

Will the Robot Perform the Surgery?

No. The surgeon performs with assistance and feedback from the robot using information gathered from the patient's CT scan and intraoperative mapping.

Benefits to Patients?

  • Less tissue resection and preservation of healthy tissue and bone
  • Hospital stay can be reduced.
  • Less pain and quicker recovery than traditional total knee replacement
  • Increased accuracy of placement and alignment of implants.
  • Quicker return to activities of daily living.

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